Which Companies Use AI For Hiring – The List

Which Companies Use AI For Hiring – The List

Using neural networks and other advanced technology, AI breaks down all barriers. After all, the latest BBC research claims this industry grew at an average rate of 20% per year from 2017 to 2022. This is not surprising given the areas and businesses in which artificial intelligence has proven itself, especially when it comes to recruitment automation.

More and more companies and organizations are stepping into the “future,” gaining space to apply artificial intelligence to their daily tasks. For example, some European and US banks have begun to provide financial services without the involvement of their employees. Farmers are using drones to find points in a crop that need more irrigation.

As for free AI tools for recruitment, the technology is unlikely to replace HR specialists in the near future. However, it could be the best assistant you ever had. From checking the skills of candidates to managing human resources effectively, AI can handle any task, allowing you more time to pursue other goals.

The List of Companies Using AI in Recruitment 2023

Many companies and organizations are using AI capabilities to find talents. They will always have a competitive advantage over competitors who work to “old” standards. After reading this article, you’ll learn about the top companies that have successfully incorporated AI into their strategies and daily routines.


Everyone has probably heard about the success story of this platform. Beginning as one of the first online bookstores, Amazon has become a leader in the e-commerce niche. Obviously, it needs the latest solutions and technology to stay popular and in demand. That is why Amazon’s roots are in the development of AI-enabled products.

The company has introduced an automated candidate evaluation system. By analyzing various CVs, AI-based software compares them to the profiles of Amazon employees in similar positions. This allows the company to find candidates with the highest chances of success. In subsequent stages, artificial intelligence will enable newcomers to undergo training and adaptation at the company as quickly as possible.


The multinational hotel company does not stand aside and uses AI technology along with other business giants. The main goal is to improve the quality of candidate search and recruitment worldwide. For this purpose, the company has developed and implemented a network of AI-based chatbots that answer the questions of candidates and provide personalized feedback. In addition, the AI recruiting assistant is responsible for interview scheduling.

In addition to chatbots, Hilton also uses artificial intelligence to analyze candidates’ CVs to see how well they fit the position. This allows HR managers to find the best professional for each role, reducing time-to-hire.

Delta Air Lines

If some of you don’t know, it’s an American airline committed to providing travelers with the best experience possible. It also invests in developing and implementing the latest technology, including artificial intelligence.

Not long ago, Delta Air Lines introduced its own AI-powered chatbot to answer candidates’ requests, providing personalized feedback. Like many other companies, Delta is using this technology to improve the effectiveness of its current recruitment process. AI analyzes data from different candidates to find the best one for a particular position in the company. Besides, it allows the company to detect problems in the skills and knowledge of its employees by providing them with personalized training.


Moving away from mobile device development, Siemens has expanded its presence in healthcare, energy, and other fields, including artificial intelligence. It is using the latter to take its candidate selection process to the next level. Siemens prefers AI technologies to analyze candidates’ CVs and profiles to select those that meet the company’s requirements.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Siemens has automated initial screening, shortlisting, and candidate evaluation processes. In addition, the company benefits from virtual assistants and chatbots to:

  • Provide personalized candidate experiences.
  • Answer all questions/requests.
  • Guide the candidate from beginning to end of the hiring journey.

It’s hard to say exactly how many companies use AI to hire candidates. These four are the best examples of how to automate the search and hiring process worldwide. With AI, chatbots, and virtual assistants, they achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.