Using AI 4 HR Features Five Modules:

Each module takes about one hour of time which includes viewing videos, reading relevant articles, answering questions, posting to our Course Gallery and collaborating with other learners. Each module also includes a deeper dive of content for those that are interested in learning more about one of the module topics.

The Five Modules of Using AI 4 HR include:

Module 1: Getting Started: Using AI 4 HR

Understand what artificial intelligence is, examine how to use AI 4 HR, engage with the AI for HR Technology Vendor Landscape, and learn a strategic framework for applying AI 4 HR.

Module 2: AI for Talent Acquisition

Identify how AI is impacting Talent Acquisition, including new skills and roles, as well as how to re-invent the recruiting function

Module 3: AI for Onboarding & Internal Talent Mobility

Probe how to use AI to interview, onboard new hires, and provide current employees with opportunities for talent mobility.

Module 4: AI for Learning and Development

Understand how AI is used to personalize learning, career development, performance management, and coaching.

Module 5: Do Something

Prepare an Action Plan and video to educate key stakeholders on the importance of building a strategy for using AI 4 HR.

Using Artificial Intelligence In Our Course: Using AI 4 HR

In Using AI 4 HR you will get exposure to AI in a few ways. First in Module 1, you will be exposed to our AI Technology Landscape and will receive a list of Personal Productivity bots you can try, as well as sharing your experience with others on this. Secondly, when you enroll in the course, Using AI 4 HR, you will join an AI-powered community of HR professionals with live trending content on a range of articles curated on the topic of how AI and Machine Learning is impacting HR. This additional content will help you stay on top of the latest thinking on these trends every day. Plus, by using machine learning you can also create custom feeds based on your interests, get daily updates, and share your insights with others.


Course Design Principles

Using AI 4 HR was designed to be highly engaging using our Learn, Review, Apply format culminating in a digital badge detailing each learner's achievements and shareable on social media.


  • Understand what artificial intelligence is and how it can be used to enhance the employee experience
  • Examine the technology landscape of key AI vendors in HR
  • Assess and discuss how early adopter companies use artificial intelligence to transform the employee experience and realize business results.
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  • Reflect on the videos of HR practitioners sharing why and how they are using artificial intelligence in HR
  • Review short knowledge check questions following your exposure to videos, articles and other content
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  • Participate in discussion questions and exercises to apply your knowledge
  • Build an Action Plan to educate your stakeholders
  • Create a video on how to move forward integrating artificial intelligence into HR workflows and processes
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Receive a Digital Badge

  • Upon completion of course modules, receive a digital badge that verifies your accomplishments and is shareable on all social media.
  • Plus, learners who complete this course are eligible for 8 re-certification credits from SHRM and HRCI.
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